Sariel V (sarielv) wrote,
Sariel V

Nightmares about the old place

For a while now I've been having recurring dreams about Sil------- where I used to work. While the dreams have been different, the theme is the same. I'm trying to work there and with my new employer, who for some reason is transplanted to Indy. I continually fear repercussions or being discovered, being fired from one or the other, or just running myself into the ground.

I suppose this is because I haven't yet made a clean break of it. I was laid off from Sil shortly before I interviewed, which I never told my current employer because I didn't want them to lowball my offer if I got it. As far as Sil knows, I'm ready to come back to work any time.

I can't stress how much I love this new job. Top to bottom. it's a better place. Cleaner, far less dangerous, agreeable people, more fun to work. I'm not going back to Sil; I decided that ages ago. So what am I still stressing out about in my dreams?

Last night's was the first time it changed. After stressing out about trying to maintain two jobs, I told my Sil supervisor I quit. No 2 week notice, no 'I'll fill in tonight', just a 'Sorry to leave you in a lurch'. My coworkers there all applauded and I hugged Joe L. on the way out. I felt sad and happy at the same time. If that isn't a fantasy, I don't what is.
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